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XVLP / HVLP CapSpray

Low pressure spraying for finest surfaces.

Focus Front ends


Order number Multi Finish: 2335658

Fine Finish: 2335657

WallFinish: 2335659

Scope of delivery

  • MultiFinish and FineFinish: 1000 ml Stainless steel container, standard feed tube
  • WallFinish: 1400 ml Plastic container, dispersion feed tube

Key benefits

  • Just connect the front end to the gun handle
  • Tool-free assembly due to the bayonet connection
  • MultiFinish: The all-rounder for lacquer, 4,1 mm
  • FineFinish: Ideal for all paint and varnish works, 1,8 mm
  • WallFinish: Ideal for small jobs with dispersion, 4,1 mm

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Air hose CapSpray



Order number: 275277

Scope of delivery

  • 7,5 m air hose
  • Inclusive connection couplings

Key benefits

  • Suits all HVLP-systems of Wagner and Graco
  • Ultraflexible hose

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Tip Assembly Maxum gun



1,3 mm for stains

1,8 mm for lacquers

2,2 mm for lacquers

2,5 mm for primers

0,8 mm for stains

Key benefits

  • Suitable for CapSpray Maxum gun
  • High quality for long durability

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Order number:






Scope of delivery:

  • Air cap
  • Material needle
  • Material tip

Filter replacement CapSpray 8500



Order number: 279938

Scope of delivery

  • Special filter

Key benefits

  • Keeps effectively pollution from the turbine
  • Special filter designed for the CapSpray turbine
  • Robust and long-lasting

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FineCoat gun CapSpray Maxum



Order number: 524041

Scope of delivery

  • Low-pressure gun with 1-Quart Cup Assembly 1,3 mm
  • Tip assembly nr. 3 (1,3 mm)
  • 9 m air hose

Key benefits

  • The perfect low-pressure-gun
  • Setting options for fan width and fan jet (round/flat jet)

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